cb lake park

carolina beach lake park is where a lot of island magic happens. we have the weekly farmer's market on saturday mornings where artisans, farmers, musicians, food vendors, and other creatives come to sell their wares in tents around the lake. we have the weekly movie on sunday nights where they blow up a huge jumbotron and show family movies and sell popcorn and snacks. local races usually use the track around the lake as part of their race course and, of course the paddle boating by wheel fun rentals is a fun activity for both locals and tourists alike. 

most importantly, the lake park is a part of the every day life and recreation for so many people who live here year round. every single day, rain or shine, people come to walk, jog, ride bikes, skateboards, and scooters. it's one of the favorite island locations for many people to walk their dogs. 

the parade of lights at christmas is not to be missed! lights in the shape of dolphins, pelicans, santa and his reindeer, and many others can be seen lighting up the lake at night all throughout the holiday season.

the town of carolina beach works pretty tirelessly to keep this lake park looking spiffy with planted palm trees, regular grooming of grass, potted plants, and upkeep of bathrooms and a playground for families. the lake area is always looking beautiful, not to mention serving it's most important purpose: to serve as a reservoir for storm water during heavy rains and hurricanes.

 in fact, right now there is a massive project going on at the lake to dredge it to a much greater depth to create a deeper area for all our water to be contained during storms. if you drive by, you will see large cranes digging up the bottom of the lake to make this happen!